St. Louis Baby Photography | In Home Snuggles

Today seems like the perfect, snowy day to share this adorable in-home baby session!  This little guy was sooo adorable!  He had his Christmas attire all ready to go from his going out fun outfit, his Santa hat and his warm Christmas pajamas!  He even got to open a present early!  Thanks so much to the D family for a fabulous morning! [...]

St. Louis Family Photographer | Bee Tree

This weekend I had the chance to meet up with the G family and it was fabulous!!!  These guys were an absolute blast to hang out with!  The morning was reallly cold and there was a slight drizzle but that did nothing to dampen the fun this family brought with them!  We Took a walk around Bee Tree park and laughed the whole way through!  Thanks so much for a [...]

St. Louis Photography | Kiener Plaza

This weekend I got to finish up with a not-so-sunset session with the W couple.  We met up at Kiener plaza and despite the lack of sunset light we had a blast!  We walked around the plaza, hung out in the grass a bit then found the playground where we slide down the slide, climbed up the giant wooden structure (lol - harder than we remembered as kids) and pl[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Forest Park

This weekend I got to meet up with the L family again!  I haven't seen them for such a long time - these two were just babies and now they are these amazingly fun kiddos!  We started near the fish hatchery in Forest Park and then took a walk to the Victorian footbridge nearby and stopped at every awesome spot in between, playing in the leaves, avoiding snake[...]

St. Louis Senior Photography | Queeny Park

This past weekend I got to meet up with the G brothers at Queeny park for their senior portrait session!  These twins were a blast!  We took a walk around what used to be the dog museum, played in the snow and talked college well, talk.  🙂  Thanks sooo much to the G family for a great morning and I hope you have an amazing senior year! &nb[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Bee Tree Park

This weekend I got to meet up with my very good friend Tara and her family for a huge family, senior and engagement session!!   We met up at our favorite park - Bee Tree and had a blast!  I'm sooooo incredibly happy for her and her absolutely amazing family!!!!  A million thanks for hanging out with me!!!  

St. Louis Family Photography | Forest Park

This weekend finished up with a fabulous family session!  I met up with the M family again for their fall family portraits!  These guys were dressed for some stunning shots - not that it kept the littles from playing in the rocks or Mr. M from jumping on the suspension bridge.  🙂  We had a blast taking a walk around Forest Park!!  Thanks so much to the M fa[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Faust Park

This weekend I got to meet up with the M family again!  Soooo loved the chance to meet M's sister and her family too!  Turns out the whole M family is over the top fun!!  We met up at Faust Park, commandeered another photographer's bench (thank you!), found a fuzzy caterpillar, played in a teepee, had a sword fight and laughed more or less non-stop.  Oh and [...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Tower Grove Park

This weekend I got to meet up with the D family once again for their fall family portraits!  I couldn't wait to see this family again!  These kiddos are always soo much fun!  This time we headed to the fountain in Tower Grove Park and then took a long walk around.  We played - a lot! - in the beautiful fall colored leaves, played rock paper scissors and laug[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | City Garden

This past weekend I got to meet up with Emily for her senior portrait session! This lady actually has already started college!  Smarty!  We met up at the City Garden downtown and took a walk around, discovered some cute spots, met some interesting people, and had some good laughs along the way.  Thanks to much to Emily (and her mom and grandma!) for a great [...]

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