St. Louis Proposal Photography | Forest Park | Grand Basin

Oh wow so many fantastic proposals!  Chris has been planning his proposal to Natalie for sometime and I couldn't wait for it!  The day of it rained all day long and finally the sun came out just in time for these two!  They arrived and started walking towards the boathouse where Natalie believed there was a work even for Chris but instead they moved towards [...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Kiener Plaza | Arch

This weekend was full of proposals!  Curtis took Davara to Kiener Plaza downtown under the guise of checking out the Old Courthouse before lunch and the Cardinals game.  When they arrived he took right straight to the center of the plaza and proposed!  She was soo surprised and so very much happy!!  As luck would have it we managed to get in a few shots (inc[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | St. Louis Zoo

This weekend I got to shoot another proposal!  Michael contacted me about proposing and has has this setup for some time!  He arranged for friends and family to be in from out of town and everyone met me at the zoo just before Michael and Victoria arrived!  Once they arrived at the penguins he dropped down on one knee (much to the surprise of the train rider[...]

St. Louis Engagement Photography | Art Museum

This weekend I got to meet up with Robin and Mathias at the Art Museum for their engagement session!!  It was a rainy day but these two didn't let the rain keep them from having a blast!  They even sported an umbrella that matched our artsy scene - love!  We took a walk through the rain and just went with it!  These to are sooo much fun!  I cannot wait for t[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Malcolm Memorial Park | Arch

This weekend I was lucky enough to meet up with Chad and Lilly for Chad's proposal!!  Chad and Lily were in from out of town and they spent the day at the zoo with their little guy then out to dinner with friends and wound up at the Malcolm Memorial park to get a good look at the arch... and unbeknownst to Lily for his proposal!  Chad had a special shirt mad[...]

St. Louis Baby Photography | the Gardens at SIUE

This week I got to see the M family again!!  We meet up at the Gardens at SIUE and I was so amazed to see how old little Miss M is already!!  She is just on the edge of going from baby to toddler so I'm sooo glad we got the session when we did to get that moment!!  We took a walk around the area and even though we've been there before found some really cute [...]

St. Louis Newborn Photography

Oh so excited about sharing this wonderful family's newborn session!  I remember when the oldest little Miss S was a newborn!!  The youngest is a little mini-me of her older sisters!  And these girls are definitely happy to hang out with their little sister!  We even recreated a shot from when middle Miss S was born with a sea of stuffed animals.  Soooo ador[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Cliff Cave Park

OMG Proposals are amazing!  So excited to share this one!  Cathy planned to propose to Stephanie during a family shoot which is the best!  She was ready for pictures when Cathy pulled the ring out and proposed!  Stephanie's reaction as soooo sweet!!!  And I absolutely love that her little girls were right there with her!  We hung out and actually did to fami[...]

St. Louis Photography | Downtown

This week I had the chance to meetup with Jacqueline & Brandon downtown for a quick session to capture themselves at the Arch!  We walked through Kiener plaza and got some fun "Where's Waldo" shots of them.  Super fun!  Thanks so much to Jacqueline & Brandon for a fantastically fun morning!

St. Louis Engagement Photography | Forest Park

This week I had the chance to meet up with Cynthia and Mark for their engagement session!!  We started off at the waterfall in Forest Park - yes there is a waterfall and no there ironically wasn't much water in it that day.  😉 We hiked up and down, Cynthia and Mark danced and laughed their way up the falls then we went for a quick wardrobe change and headed[...]

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