St. Louis Proposal Photography | the Muny

This week I had the chance to shoot another amazing proposal!!  Dan had planned on proposing at the Garden Glow in the Missouri Botanical Garden - we even met up there to plan out where and how! - but it ended up being cancelled due to weather!  So we made a last minute change to our backup location which was the Muny.  In the end - it was beautiful!  Molly [...]

St. Louis Wedding Photography | Ritz Carlton

So excited to share Lane and Mo's big day!!!  We started out at Blown Away in Clayton for the ladies to get spruced up!  It's always so amazing to see the magic that goes into the getting ready and I love all those moments behind the scenes!  Mo got ready at Lane's brother's home nearby and guys were a blast!  When I got back to the Ritz Carlton I found Lane[...]

St. Louis Baby Photography | First Birthday Cake Smash

This weekend I got to meet up with the K family at their home for their little lady's first birthday shoot!!  We started out playing with her stuffed animals which, despite being as big as her, she was happy to carry around her room.  Then we switched to Christmas pajamas and played with the tree - literally little Miss K enjoyed the opportunity to play with[...]

St. Louis Family Photography

This Thanksgiving weekend ended on such a fabulous note!  I met the F family near the Grand Basin in Forest Park and I couldn't have asked for a more fun family!!  When I say we laughed from start to finish I mean very literally we laughed the whole time!  These siblings were such a blast and in the end I'd have to ask - are you not entertained?  😉 Thanks s[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Main Street St. Charles

If you want to get into the holiday spirit before Thanksgiving then look no further!  Brad proposed to Katie this weekend and it was soooo incredibly sweet!  They were in town for a wedding the day before and were supposed to just be meeting friends when they walked to the spot Brad (and his awesome sister!!) had setup.  A candlelit path covered in rose peta[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait | Botanical Garden | SLUH

This weekend I got to meet with Conor and his family for his senior pictures/family pictures!  We started off at Missouri Botanical Garden anticipating cold weather (we did just have snow!) but as it turned out we were pretty comfy outside!  We got some great family shots first then moved into Conor's senior pictures and even stopped by SLUH for some extra s[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Missouri Botanical Garden

This weekend I got to meet up with Lizzie (and her parents!) at the Missouri Botanical Garden for her senior shoot!  It was sooo cold that we opted to use the Temperate House to keep warm and it was the perfect spot!  Lizzie was amazing and it was so great to be warm the full shoot!  Thanks so much to Lizzie for a really great afternoon and hope you have an [...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Longview Farm Park

This weekend continued in the cold with the N family.  We met up at Longview Farm Park and it was a blast!  We took a look at the horses, took an adventure walk through the woods, crossed a bridge (which we are pretty sure was troll free) and little Mr. N got to be taller than his big brother for a very fun moment.  Thanks so much to the N family for a super[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Downtown

This weekend started off cold but it didn't stop Halley from rocking her senior session!  We started at the City Garden and took a walk around from there - the light was amazing and Halley was completely ready to be in model-mode for the shoot and even though we couldn't feel our hands we made it through.  Admittedly with a little help from Halley's mom who [...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Muny

This week I got to meet up with the H family at the Muny!  I remember when the youngest Mr. H was just a little baby!  Now these three are a blast!  We played about at the entrance the Muny in Forest Park, climbed a tree, jumped out of said tree (literally!), walked the dogs, played soccer and made a human pyramid.  So just a couple of fun items in there.  ;[...]

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