Katie Who?

Katie Me!  😉  Hi!!  So who am I?  I’m sooo many things on any given day it can be hard to nail that down sometimes.   Fun Mom.  Strict Mom.  Artist.  Sister.  Impromptu Nurse for a bazillion different bo-bo’s.  Photographer.  Teacher. Wife.  Best Friend.  But never in the same order.  🙂  Best of all I’m someone who loves to really look at the world.  To see the true straight-out amazing beauty in our everyday lives.  Because it’s always there – we just have to look.  Sometimes our lives are messy, the kids are crazy and we wouldn’t change a thing – so why not capture that crazy fun that is our lives?

The way I see it everyone is beautiful when they are truly themselves.  So I aim to try to catch those moments in my photography by standing back.  Hanging out with you for a moment.  Get a feel for where we are and where you are at the moment.  Then I make sure the light is good, and away we go.  I do not pose.  Seriously.  Don’t panic – deep breath.  😉  I may ask for some silly things – fake laughter, skipping, snuggling waaaay closer than ever before in public – but for the most part I’m looking for your reaction to my requests.  In those candid moments you find the truthful grace that is you.  🙂  If your family plays board games, does soccer, has tea parties consider bringing along one of those items and we’ll play a game!

So have a look around.  See what you see.  If you have questions, ask away.  Call.  Email.  Shout super loud.  Whatever works best for you.  Except the shouting.  That’s probably not the best.  😉