Longview Park Family Photography

To finish off this weekend I met up with the R family at Longview park for a morning family photography session.  They have a very energetic and adorable little boy and another on the way!!  We had some fun taking a walk though the park, splashing in the creek and stopping to look at the horses (how do you not stop?).  Thanks so much to the R family for a re[...]

Forest Park St. Louis Family Photography

This weekend continued on with the M family!  We met up at the suspension bridge in Forest Park and we couldn't have been more pleased!  Seems there is yet a whole new section of the park in there that I haven't seen!  And to make the morning even better - these two little gals were sooo adorable!  It was amazing to see how big they've gotten!  It was so muc[...]

Married and In Love

This weekend started on a great note!  I got to meet up with Abby and Sean at their home for some fun pictures of the two of them.  Can you tell they are still in love?  So sweet!  Thanks so much to Abby and Sean for a really fun morning!      

Airfield Engagement Photography

Yep, you read that title right.  This weekend ended with a bang - thankfully not literally!!  I headed out to the St. Louis Downtown Airport in Cahokia, IL for Aivy and Ari's engagement shoot!!!  Ari has his plane prepped and ready to go for our sunset shoot.  We hung out for a bit and right when the sun was ready to go down we jumped in and took a ride - yo[...]

Baby Photography

Next up was Baby Emme.  I meet up with Emme and her family at Forest park near the Grand Basin for a baby portrait session.  This little gal was serious to a tee!!  It might have taken some time - and some jewelry!  lol - how girlie! - but we managed to coax a couple of cute smiles from her.  Thanks so much to Emme and her family for a fun afternoon!     [...]

Family Photography at the City Garden

Later that same day - OK, it was really about 10 minutes later - I met up with my sister at the City Garden!  What an awesome surprise to run into her on the way out!  So we hung out and played with the kids and had a mini-session.  I also found out that you actually can swim in the pool with the waterfall!  How much fun would that be!! Thanks so much to my [...]

City Garden Family Photography

This weekend continued with the C family at the City Garden downtown.  We had lots of fun exploring and playing around!  And learned that the younger Miss C responded very well to doing the opposite of what we asked.  So when we said under no circumstances was she to give her big sister a kiss... well things turned super cute!  It certainly helped that they [...]

Family Photography

Hi again!  So the weekend continued with the B family as we headed out to Queeny Park in Manchester.  This was their little guy's 1 year birthday shoot!!  I still can't believe he is already one year old!!  It was so much fun to see him running around!  We'd planned on having balloons for the shoot, and they were there... and then popped pretty darn quickly.[...]

Newborn Photography

To start off this weekend I headed back to the R family - their little guy was soo cute we just had to get some more!  Take a look at a few more shots - thanks to the R family for another fun morning!!       

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