St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Art Hill

This week I had the chance to meet up with Alyssa for her senior portraits just ahead of her graduation! We meet up at the Art Museum and took a walk around from there! The light was amazing and we had a blast!  Thanks so much to Alyssa for a great morning and congratulations!

St. Louis Newborn Photography | In Home Session

This week I got to meet up with the D family at their home.  Their new little man is sooo adorable!  And that pilot outfit that his mom had for him - OMG that was sooo cute!  We hung out for a bit, cuddled little Mr. D and enjoyed his cries - new little baby cries are just the best! - when he was tired and ready to nap.  Thanks so much to the D family for a [...]

St. Louis First Birthday Photography

This weekend I got to meet up with the B family at their home for their little lady's very first birthday!  I cannot believe that she is already one!  Mrs. B had that cutest Bradford Peach outfit for her straight from A League of Their Own and it was adorable!  Little Miss B is destined for greatness!  We had some fun, crawled around with Miss B and then let[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photograpy | Forest Park

This weekend I had the chance to meet up with Alex for her senior photos!  She opted for an early morning shoot - super brave for a senior! - and we starts out in some really great tall grass in Forest Park near the World's Fair Pavilion.  The light was amazing and Alex was super cute!  We took a walk around and the light continued to amaze! Thanks so much t[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Francis Park

This weekend I got to see the W family again!  I cannot believe how old these kiddos have gotten!  The young Mr. W is celebrating his 8th grade graduation this spring so he had his own photo session along with the family one - although little Miss W took every chance to be model of the day.  She already has ideas for her 8th grade pictures too - and I'm look[...]

St. Louis Family Photography

This weekend I had the chance to meet up with the B family for their family session.  These two little ones are sooo much fun!  We took a walk around their home, discovered a million cool rocks and managed about a dozen races straight into their parents arms.  Love how these two little boy play together so well!  Brothers for the win!  Thanks so much to the [...]

St. Louis Engagement Photography | In Home | Oak Knoll Park

This week I got to meet up with Emily and Doug again for the their engagement session!  I've been waiting for this since their proposal - these two are soooo sweet!  We started at their home for some Imo's pizza and some puppy play time then we headed out to Oak Knoll Park for more portraits.  We had some rain on the way there but we stuck with it and wow th[...]

St. Louis Fun Photography | Color Powder

This weekend I had the chance to meet up with Kelly and Jared at their home for a couples session.  Soooooooo much fun.  We started off light with a little relaxing, hanging out with the cats, a little light reading.  Then we headed outside.  Kelly had purchased some of the same powder used for the color runs downtown - why not throw some about and have a li[...]

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