St. Louis Engagement Photography | Downtown

This weekend finished up with Melissa and Nate for their engagement session!  So excited about their shoot!  We hopped in a car together and explored the city!  We went from Lafayette Park to a parking garage downtown, the stadium, the landing and Washington Avenue!  All the while catching the most amazing light and trying our best not to be blown away by th[...]

St. Louis Baby Photography | SIUE

This weekend I got to meetup with the M family at the SIUE gardens and it was super fun!  We took a walk through the woods, read a book and played in the leaves - super fun!  This little lady is reserved with her laughter but she is soooo adorable with her serious looks and impossible to not laugh with when she does!  Thanks so much to the M family for a gre[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Forest Park

This weekend I got to meetup with the S family in Forest Park.  So much fun to see this family again!  I cannot believe how much the kids have grown!  We started out near the fish hatchery and took a walk to the "hidden" Victorian footbridge (open again, yay!).  These two little ones were so entertaining and played the whole way through!  Thanks so much to t[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Laumeier Sculpture Park

This weekend I got to meet up with Abby at Laumeier Sculpture Park for her senior pictures!  Abby insisted that she wasn't really sure what do do but honestly she did amazingly well!!  We took a walk through the wooded section, explored the hillside steps and then even got to hang out in a creek!  Thanks so much to Abby (and her mom!) for a really fun aftern[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Tower Grove Park

This weekend I had the chance to meet up with Catherine and Jacob at their home with their super sweet dog for a great session!  We took a little walk in front of their home and then headed to Tower Grove Park where the trees looked amazing and we had plenty of room to roam about!  Thanks so much to Catherine and Jacob for a great morning! [...]

Senior Portrait Photography | Jefferson Barracks

This weekend started off with Keri at Jefferson Barracks for her senior portraits!  I've been so lucky to have known this lady since she was just a kid - it was soooo fabulous to take her senior pictures and all at the same time incredibly strange!  Keri you've grown into an amazing young woman!!  So happy for you!!

St. Louis Engagement Photography | SIUE

OH so excited to share Becky and Steven's engagement shoot!  I shot their proposal a few months ago - - and was waiting for their engagement shoot!  These two are so sweet!!  We started at at the gardens at SIUE and then moved to a park near their home and the whole ti[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Creve Coeur Lake

This weekend I had the chance to meet the L family!  They opted for Creve Coeur Park and we couldn't have asked for a better evening!  These two little ones were the best of friends and thanks to the good weather had plenty of opportunities to run about and be themselves.  Of course we had to hold them back some - despite good weather it still probably would[...]

St. Louis Baby Photography | In Home Family Photographer

This weekend continued with the K family and their incredibly happy little girl!  Seriously, little Miss K may have been the happiest baby I've ever shot!!  From the moment I walked in this little girl was nothing but smiles.  Well, she looked a little miffed when she was not allowed to crawl but why would we stop her when she is sooooo cute while on the mov[...]

St. Louis Child Photography | Creve Coeur Park

This weekend I got to meet up with little Mr. M and his awesome mom at Creve Coeur Lake Park!  We started at at the waterfall where this little guy proceeded to show off his climbing skills, then running skills, then searching for the "perfect" leaf skills - and all while sporting his super cute hat.  I remember when this little guy was a newborn and it's so[...]

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