St. Louis Family Photography

This past weekend I got to meet up with the awesome M family!!  I cannot believe that little Mr. M is almost a whole year old!  He is so adorable and I think he knows it.  We used the same little blue chair from his big brother's first year shoot - super cute!  We laughed through the whole shoot - this group is super amazing!!  Cannot wait to see you guys ag[...]

St. Louis Wedding Photography | Robinwood West | Faust Park

Sooo excited to share these two beautiful ladies big day!!  Kati and Jess started out with Kati getting the Robinwood West center ready to go for their wedding and Jess at their home getting hair and makeup done with her ladies.  Kati had everything planned to a T and it was fantastic!  They used natural wood centerpieces with jars filled with heart-shaped r[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | City Garden

This weekend I got to meet up with the awesome F family for their fall photos at City Garden downtown!!  We took a quick walk around and found so much amazing fall color!  We wound up even stopping for some city shots and letting little Mr. F try to take a few steps.  Thanks so much to the F family for a super afternoon!      

St. Louis Family Photography | Kirkwood Park

This weekend finished up with the C family!  We met up at Kirkwood park and these two little ones jumped right in!  So much personality in these little two kiddos!  We walked through a clearing, around the amphitheater, climbed a fence (yep), and played with lots of leaves.  Thanks so much to the C family for a really fun afternoon!!     [...]

St. Louis Family Photography | SIUE Gardens

This weekend I got to see the M family once again!!  Oh wow these two have grown!!!  They are soooo sweet - it was great to take a walk and catch up!  These little ones enjoyed climbing tree branches, hills and finally full out playing in the leaves.  Little Miss M was a natural prodigy when it came to professionally throwing those leaves, lol.  Thanks soo m[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Forest Park

This weekend continued with the Y family!  We met up at the Forest Park Hatchery and took a walk around from there.  We played by the water, climbed through some tall grass, skipped through the woods and raced through an open field.  And laughed the whole way!  Absolutely loved that the kids played through the session - so much fun and real smiles!!  Thanks [...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Downtown

This weekend I got to meet up with Marin for her senior pictures!  She wanted something fun and urban so we started at Kiener Plaza downtown and quickly moved into some really fun shots using the awesome lighting coming from the surrounding buildings!  Marin (and her mom!) were a blast!  We even managed to get some legal looking shots for this future attorne[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Queeny Park

This past weekend I got to meetup with the D family once again!  So excited for our annual shoot!  This family is amazing and I cannot believe how big these two have gotten!  We meet up at the dog museum in Queeny park and took a walk around through some tall grass, through an old greenhouse and skipped down a long path.  These two are sooo much fun!  Thanks[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Tower Grove Park

This weekend I got to meet up with Kain for their senior portrait!!  Soo excited to see this family again!  We started out at the fountain in Tower Grove Park then took a walk around looking for cool textures and light.  Kaine totally rocked the whole shoot!  Thanks so much to Kain (and family!) for a great afternoon and hope you have a fabulous senior year![...]

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