St. Louis Family Photography | Longview Farm Park

This weekend continued in the cold with the N family.  We met up at Longview Farm Park and it was a blast!  We took a look at the horses, took an adventure walk through the woods, crossed a bridge (which we are pretty sure was troll free) and little Mr. N got to be taller than his big brother for a very fun moment.  Thanks so much to the N family for a super[...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Downtown

This weekend started off cold but it didn't stop Halley from rocking her senior session!  We started at the City Garden and took a walk around from there - the light was amazing and Halley was completely ready to be in model-mode for the shoot and even though we couldn't feel our hands we made it through.  Admittedly with a little help from Halley's mom who [...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Muny

This week I got to meet up with the H family at the Muny!  I remember when the youngest Mr. H was just a little baby!  Now these three are a blast!  We played about at the entrance the Muny in Forest Park, climbed a tree, jumped out of said tree (literally!), walked the dogs, played soccer and made a human pyramid.  So just a couple of fun items in there.  ;[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Art Hill

This weekend I got to meetup with the D family in Forest Park!  This family is so much fun and I couldn't wait to see how much these two boys had grown!  We splashed in puddles, raced about and had serious conversations about, well nothing at all actually.  Thanks so much to the D family for a hilariously fun afternoon!

St. Louis Family Photography | In Home Session

This weekend I met with the D family at their home.  It was a crazy rainy morning so we pulled out the umbrellas - which of course was a great source of entertainment!  I can't believe how big these two are getting!  We took a walk in the woods, found a barn, played in puddles, climbed walls, chased the sun and eventually gave in to full on umbrella fun.  ;)[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | In Home Session

This weekend I got to see the G family again! It's been a few years and I was so surprised to see how much Miss G has grown!  The last time I saw her she was a shy, adorable little girl and now she's so much older and has become an artist herself!  Sooo amazing to stop in and see the fabulous family again!  Thank you so much!

St. Louis Family Photographer | Longview Farm Park

This weekend I got to meet up with the E family at Longview Farm Park for a super cold shoot!  This family took the weather in stride and we laughed our way through the woods and over bridges.  I was impressed at how well little Miss E managed to carefully navigate the ground while keeping her very cool boots so well clean.  🙂  Thanks so much to the E famil[...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Queeny Park

This weekend I got to meet with the F family at the dog museum in Queeny Park and it was fantastic!  Cold - but fantastic.  This family was a blast from start to finish and the matriarch and patriarch of this family are so adorably in love - you just have to smile along with them!  Thank so much to the F family for sticking out the cold morning with me!!! [...]

St. Louis Family Photography | Longview Farm Park

This week I got to meetup with the B family just before school started for the day!  I remember when little Mr. B was just a baby!  Sooooo amazing to see him now and his little sister is a an amazingly adorable small version of him with an explosion of personality.  We met at Longview Farm Park and took a walk through the woods stopping to say hi to every do[...]

St. Louis Photographer | Art Hill

This week I had the chance to meet with Dah and Vista at Art Hill for their family session!  They are the most amazing couple and we soooo many laughs!  Their two furbabies were amazing fun to work with too - even when getting all kind of twigs in her white fur!  Thanks so much for a great morning!!!

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