St. Louis Family Photography

This weekend finished up with the M family!  Love these fabulous little group!  And I cannot get over how big these kids are getting!  Little Mr. M was sporting some super cute attire and even showed some baseball skills while little Miss M enjoyed finding every dandelion and blowing the seeds just about everywhere.  😉  Thanks so much to the M family for a [...]

St. Louis Senior Portrait Photography | Downtown

This weekend I got to meet up with Bryce (and his mom!) for his senior portraits!  This guy is sooo talented!  We started off with just portraits and then he pulled out his guitar and I have to admit I didn't want him to put it away.  We took a walk around downtown, found out way up to a rooftop and listened to great music the whole way through.  Thanks sooo[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Forest Park Grand Basin

This weekend continued on with another super cute proposal!!  Brendan planned on a day out for himself, Meaghan and a friend.  While the group was walking to the Grand Basin from the zoo I met with their parents to setup.  Once Meaghan and Brendan made their way to us their friend mysteriously had to step away and Brendan took Meaghan to the side and propose[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Forest Park Grand Basin

This weekend I got to go back to work in the best way!  Matthew proposed to Peyton at the Grand Basin.  There was a story about brunch and he suggested that they take a walk over and they just happened at the Grand Basin where he got down on one knee and proposed.  Soooo sweet!  Peyton was so happy!  We took a little walk around and got some photos of them b[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Botanical Gardens

This weekend I got the chance to meet up with Matt and Bekah for a super sweet proposal!  Matt and Bekah were in town and Matt planned a day out starting with the MO Botanical Garden.  They took a walk through and wound up at the Climatron where I was waiting.  They walk past me and he proposed!  Bekah was sooo sweetly surprised!  People clapped as they walk[...]

St. Louis Newborn Photography

I had the best way to bring in a new year!  One of my favorite family's welcomed their newest little addition and I couldn't be happier for them!  Little Mr. M had a world of personality in that little body of his and his is clearly going to be one very loved little brother!  Congratulations to the M family!!  

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Cinder House

Oh so excited for these two!  Patrick planned such an amazing proposal for Carolyn!  He arranged for her to take a carriage ride with her sister that ended at the Four Seasons Hotel downtown.  Her sister then mysteriously needed to leave her and the hostess of Cinder House took her upstairs via the glass staircase and when she opened the doors to the balcony[...]

St. Louis Wedding Photography | Forest Park

Oh so excited to share this!!  Phil and Annie got engaged last year and I was sooo excited when they contacted me about their wedding!  They opted to not wait out the pandemic but to get married via zoom at the same spot that Phil had proposed.  I know - how romantic!!  So we met at their appointed court time and took some pictures while waiting for their na[...]

St. Louis Proposal Photography | Forest Park

This weekend I got to shoot an amazing proposal!!  Dane planned an afternoon at Steinberg Skating rink for himself and Maddie.  After taking a few laps around the rink he took Maddie to the middle and proposed!  They had a crowd of cheers!  Sooo much fun!!  After the proposal we headed to the Muny and took a walk around from there.  Turns out Maddie loves th[...]

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