This weekend I had the BEST time!!  Levi contacted me a few weeks ago about photographing his proposal and I was excited to help out!!!  Levi and Katie are soooo incredibly sweet and Levi did such an amazing job with his proposal!!  He sent Katie roses corresponding with their first ever date – as in sent the number of flowers for the date each day… I know so sweet! Then he sent roses corresponding to Saturday’s date.  Katie was still unsuspecting on Saturday (other than just loving the roses!) when they went to the boathouse in Forest Park for lunch with friends who of course mysteriously ended up running late.  So Levi suggested they take a walk to go catch some Pokemon – another seemingly normal task.  And once they got to the council circle Levi got down on one knee and asked Katie to marry him!  Katie was clearly so very tearfully happy and you could see just how excited these two were!!  A huge congratulations to Katie and Levi and thank you a million times over for having me be part of such an amazing event!

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