I was incredibly lucky to wrap up the weekend with this fabulous family!  I met up with the T family at their home for a family shoot.  Their family was all together in St. Louis to celebrate a university graduation so it seemed appropriate to also get some collegiate shots mixed in with the youngest of the T family – who I have to admit it was sooo hard to look away from!  Her laugh was adorable and it was pretty impossible to avoid joining in when she started.  Thanks so much to the T family for a morning!

family-photography-2 family-photography-5 family-photography-6  family-photography-7 family-photography-9  family-photography-14 family-photography-18 family-photography-19 family-photography-21 family-photography-22 family-photography-27 family-photography-30 family-photography-35 family-photography-38 family-photography-42 family-photography-43 family-photography-49  family-photography-50 family-photography-51 family-photography-53 family-photography-55 family-photography-56 family-photography-62 family-photography-65 family-photography-71 family-photography-73 family-photography-79  family-photography-82 family-photography-87  family-photography-90family-photography-88  family-photography-93 family-photography-99 family-photography-101 family-photography-103  family-photography-104 family-photography-107