This weekend was a snowy one!  I had a shoot Saturday afternoon for a teen portrait less than a mile from my home so even with snow we opted to go ahead with the session – we figured we are both so close to Bee Tree it would work out great… Well the shoot itself was wonderful!!  Miss B had her friends with her for some candid group shots to celebrate her birthday and we had some fun playing in the snow. The roads going back though.. not so nice.  Good thing we started our shoot just after the snow started – any later and we would have had to cancel and miss out!  Thanks so much to Miss B and her crew for a really fun snow adventure!

snow-teen-portrait-3  snow-teen-portrait-4 snow-teen-portrait-8 snow-teen-portrait-16 snow-teen-portrait-40 snow-teen-portrait-41  snow-teen-portrait-72 snow-teen-portrait-74  snow-teen-portrait-76 snow-teen-portrait-78  snow-teen-portrait-68snow-teen-portrait-80 snow-teen-portrait-82 snow-teen-portrait-86 snow-teen-portrait-88 snow-teen-portrait-92 snow-teen-portrait-93 snow-teen-portrait-96 snow-teen-portrait-98  snow-teen-portrait-105