Happy New Years everyone!  I wanted to share a couple of quick posts before the new year!  First up is the S family.  Love this family!  I’ve been taking their family pictures since their little guy was born and I’m just amazed at how much more adorable he is everytime!!   This time we went to the History Museum in Forest park and the staff was sooo nice!  Probably helped a bunch that this little guy made a point to smile and wave at everyone.  Thanks to the S family for another super fun shoot!!

family-photography-14 family-photography-21  family-photography-28 family-photography-32 family-photography-33 family-photography-36 family-photography-40 family-photography-48 family-photography-54 family-photography-56 family-photography-62  family-photography-63 family-photography-69  family-photography-76  family-photography-78 family-photography-85 family-photography-89 family-photography-96 family-photography-99 family-photography-102