So excited to share this family shoot!  I’ve known the M family since their oldest little lady was born and it’s been amazing to see these girls grow!  I’m sooo happy for them and can’t wait to meet their newest member coming soon!  In the meantime – we had a splashingly great session this past weekend at Creve Coeur Lake.  We started out on the pier area then walked down the beach… and I stepped in the water to get a shot… so the girls had to step in too.  We headed over to the wooded area by the waterfall for the “final” part of our session and to avoid the water a bit.  Then Mr. M and his oldest stepped out in the water once we were done and I just had to start shooting again.  Soooo glad too!  Yes, all 5 of us went back to our cars soaking wet, but it was amazing fun!  Thanks sooo much to the M family for a really fabulous afternoon!

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