Talk about luck!  The latest round of storms had just passed us by when I met up with the R family for their 6 month baby photo shoot!  I couldn’t believe how much this little gal has grown in 6 months!   She is one adorable little gal – who is very much loved by not only her mom and dad but also their family dog.  Tooo cute!  Thanks so much to the R family for braving the weather and for a super fun morning!! baby-family-photography-1  baby-family-photography-3 baby-family-photography-6 baby-family-photography-8 baby-family-photography-11  baby-family-photography-13  baby-family-photography-16 baby-family-photography-18 baby-family-photography-23 baby-family-photography-25 baby-family-photography-27  baby-family-photography-49 baby-family-photography-32 baby-family-photography-38 baby-family-photography-40  baby-family-photography-45  baby-family-photography-58 baby-family-photography-61    baby-family-photography-66  baby-family-photography-67 baby-family-photography-72 baby-family-photography-79 baby-family-photography-82 baby-family-photography-83  baby-family-photography-89 baby-family-photography-85  baby-family-photography-94 baby-family-photography-96 baby-family-photography-98  baby-family-photography-99 baby-family-photography-102